Simple in White

It's already summer and you can definitely feel it coming. The weather lately is a bit bipolar. It's so sunny then later on, there'll be sudden gush of rain. Well today, was a sunny and perfect day. I chose to wear something comfy but elegant. We went to my nephew's christening today so I have to dress myself up with a touch of something "formal". The flowy white top gave the elegance to this outfit. It really goes well with this black tight shorts I bought. They have the same cloth and gives a really smooth look. I wanted to have a white-and-gold-motif today. But since i'm just a newbie in this kind of stuff, I didn't have much accessories. So there you go guys:)

White Sleeveless Flowy Top (Fudge Rock Clothing)

Black Tight Shorts (People are People)

Studded White Leather Bracelet (Girlshoppe)

Black Loafers (Greenhills)

kea ortega

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