December Blues

This was taken last 2013 during Christmas Eve. It seems that I failed to find time to blog because I've been busy with a lot of school work and paper works for my org at school. And plus, I've been out most days during the holidays because I had to catch up with my friends because obviously I've been missing out a lot. So forgive me for the super duper late post.

Well, December was kinda rough for me. But the holiday season is not about my own happiness but rather it's about the spirit of joy that lingers upon the family and your loved ones. Kinda irrelevant uh? But I just wanted to give a little description about my christmas. 

Christmas 2013 was surely very merry. I didn't expect to have so much fun with my family and I didn't expect that I would be going out with my friends for almost every night. It was really a year ender and I wouldn't spend it in any other way.

This holiday, I went for something simple. I wasn't in to prints because I found it too mainstream this season. Something elegant and classy was my 'motif'. I bought this beautiful stunning white top and matched it with my royal blue velvet skater skirt and topped it off with this laced pumps.  

White Top (Divisoria)
The thing I love about this top is that I don't need to wear accessories to make it work. Its design is made for simplicity and beauty.
Blue Velvet Skater Skirt (Bazaar at Tiendesitas)

Laced Pumps (Privilege)


kea ortega

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