Have a Break

Going back to blogging since last 2014 has paved way for me to make my free time productive. I have a lot of ideas that I can't wait to blog about. I have sorted through different blogs which I found very inspiring. But being in the medical field, your don't own your time anymore. I'm going back to hit the floors of the hospital (definitely the highlight of my year). It's time to jumpstart my nursing career! I'm excited and I can't wait for all the stress. 

But before I go on a blog hiatus, here is an outfit post.

I wanted to have a fun shoot. Something different from my other fashion posts. I went for the laid back / casual look. I usually do formal ootds but I'm trying on different styles now.

And another new thing, if you noticed, I gained a little weight over the years. And my hair was cut way way shorter than before (I'm planning to post about my hair fiasco soon). 
Indeed, change is really coming! :))

*Blogging tip: you must know what you want to blog about. It's like taking up a college course, what do you want to major in? Me, I would always choose fashion. So most posts will be about style and my everyday outfit dilemmas. 

Catching the light is a common problem by most photographers. Good thing though was the sunset came into perfect timing. It gave the shoot a cold and grungy feels (which was what we were aiming for).
*Used VSCO filter C9 of chromatic series to give the cold vibe in the pictures

The choice of the red lippy was to complement the color of the text of my shirt. And it also added to that bad gal spice of the whole look.

Kitkat Cropped top (DIY) | High waist light-washed dolphin shorts (Greenhills) | Red matte lippy (Loreal) | Flannel (Greenhills) | All-black sneakers (Keds)

*Photographed by: Paola Gaytano (blogging at www.dippindoodles.tumblr.com)

kea ortega


  1. Have a productive hiatus, Kea! Come back soon :)

    1. Thanks Renee!!!!❤❤❤ Will still squeeze in updating my blog during offs!

  2. Super nice images. Keep it up :D