10 Must Do's during the Summer Season

Who says summer's over? For my first comeback post, I'm going to talk about the 10 'must-do's' during the summer season. Actually it's not just something that I did over the hot months but it also became an all year round thing for me.

1. Hit the beach. Cliche as it sounds, but come on, this season is nothing without getting that little tan on your skin. Forget about keeping a fair complexion and have fun under the sun. For this year, I themed my vacations with #lovelocal. Since I'm no kid anymore, all my vacays are self earned. Yes, it's harder to travel when you know it's your payroll that's at stake. But hey, it's an achievement at the same time. Somehow I can say that budgeting is really essential nowadays. Why love local? Before going out the country, I want to explore the hidden treasures of our own islands. From north, to south, the Philippines is indeed embraced with lovely beaches, each owning her own kind of beautiful.

 Virgin Island, Laiya, Batangas

 Munting Buhangin, Nasugbu, Batangas

Calaguas Island, Camarines Norte

2. Climb mountains. To tell you honestly, I'm not really a fan of the whole trekking and hiking thing. I don't like strenuous activities (I'm a lazy ass). But I said, 'okay. I'll try in once.' Trying it once will make you addictive. It's like you can't stop planning for hikes every weekend. The long climb will always be worth it because the view is absolutely breath taking. And the fun part of hikes, is the crazy company you're with. 

Sagada, Mountain Province
(I did not actually went on a trek here, but the caving was intense and my first ever. Definitely unforgettable!)

Vinzons, Camarines Norte

Mt. Maculot, Cuenca, Batangas

3. Look for a part-time job. During my review for the board exams, I got really bored with just studying. And besides having review classes, we had a 3 month vacation and that means, no allowance. So instead of whining about having to do nothing and being unproductive, I tried applying for a part time job; a Starbucks barista. I know, it's way way far from my profession (nursing), but I really had a lot of fun. I learned lots of new things (secret recipes!) and perks of being a barista, free drinks every shift and discounts! Haha! Having a part time job entails extra moolah for shopping and weekend getaways. I also learned the art of budgeting (well sort of, but I'm working on it!). I was able to balance work from studies, I also valued time management, and moreover, I met new friends that turned into a family. It's definitely an experience of a lifetime and a big step in the world of being a young adult.

4. Update your resume. From time to time, I make sure that my resume is up to date. With this idea of a constant reminder that I have to update it, it's also a way to annoyingly remind me "What have I achieved? Is there more that I can do?". It's a drive to push and explore my choices in my career. 

5. Summer sales. Sales are most often during pay days (15th and 3oth of the month). Tip: it is best to buy early Christmas gifts and sweater-weather goodies during summer sales. Since it's not in demand, most stores would put it up on almost 50-75% cheaper than its original price! Leather jackets, denim jackets, sweaters, hoodies, and the like are pricey during regular days. But if you start buying during the summer, you won't have to sparta your way through sales during the Christmas holidays. Plus, bikinis are on huge discounts making it more fun to mix and match for those beach travels.

6. Declutter. Since it's the summer season, you have all the time to declutter stuff that you don't need. That includes piles of quiz papers, school projects, thesis, etc. Put them all in one box and hide it. It's nice to free up some space since it's a transition from your college years to the working world. Alongside with the thought of declutter is removing toxic people and memories to let the positive vibes flow in. Let go of the grudges you had for your college professors, those stressful sleepless nights, those devastating heartbreaks, those friends who turns out to be strangers after college, forget them all and leave it behind. Those negative vibes would do you no good and would prevent you from moving forward as you enter the real world. Release those negative tensions and have a better outlook for tomorrow is another day.

7. Green tips regimen. This season is about getting that "bora body". That bora body is not just about having abs and a big booty. It means that you must have a healthy diet and adequate exercise. Your 20's is the best way to invest on health because when you reach your 30's, you will be at the peak of your careers that you won't even have time to eat a decent home cooked meal. So here's five simple ways that I do in order to jump start my road to healthy living. 
  • Drink lots and lots of water. It is important to keep yourself hydrated. The extra heat will make you lose fluids faster but you should always replenish. A well kept hydrated body is good for your circulation and kidney function. Also, it makes the skin moist. When you reach your 30's you won't even have to suffer early from having saggy skin and a wrinkled face.
  • Never skip breakfast. I've been trying different ways to lose weight and I thought of skipping meals. But skipping meals, especially breakfast, makes you crave for more food that will make you hungrier. The first meal of the day is the most important. You will need all that extra calories because it's a long day of work. You will definitely burn them so no need to worry for that extra gain. Eat small snacks in from time to time (small frequent feedings). And for dinner, I hit the fibers for better digestion and removal of toxins overnight
  • Home-cooked meals. As millennials, we usually go for the convenient and fast way. As early as now, refrain from eating too much junk! That includes fast food, instant meals, soft drinks, greasy burgers, canned goods, etc. You don't know how much sodium one pack of chips may contain. You're killing your kidneys as early as now. So home cooked meals are always the best choice. It doesn't have much preservatives compared to the food you buy in fast food chains. Plus it's nutrients are not synthetic nor processed.
  • Jog. I jot down in my planner and see to it that I jog for at least once a week. Jogging is a good cardio exercise that approaches the body holistically. It promotes good circulation and at the same time makes you sweat to remove those excess toxins we have our body. Since my job is already exercise enough (having to stand and run around for 10 hours is definitely a work out), I just make sure that I eat right to my required calories per day.
  • Sleep. I know it's unrealistic to give an advice to sleep after juggling tons of tasks, but give yourself a break and rest. It is important to regain your energy every once in a while. Let your cells rejuvenate. Sleep temporarily makes you forget the hassles of life. A 15 minute power nap can make you go for a whole night of paper works (this is how I survived through college).

8. Hotel check ins. Often than not, check ins drift you away from the chaotic world and gives you time to unwind and relax. You get to enjoy hot showers, room service, thick comforters, and views from the windows for a couple of days. This summer, I had fun being a burrito with a bucket pop corn on my left and the remote on my right, watching chick flicks while wrapped around thick blankets.

9. Explore your sweet tooth. Thanks to one of my favorite apps (Phonebooky- click to open their site!), I'm always updated with the newly opened hipster restaurants and cafes around manila. I've always been a fan of coffee shops and desserts, so here are some (more food related posts, go to my blog and click here!)

10. Blog your thoughts. I've been dead on blogspot for almost 2 years and felt the need to share as my ideas.  I’ve been running here and there for the past years because of graduating requirements, president duties, student nurse problems, and the board exams. But now I’m back with fresh new ideas not just on fashion but also with travel, food, adulting 101, arts, and many more. I can’t wait to share it with you guys!

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