I have this hangover with my current favorite song from the artist SUD and one of their popular songs entitled "Smilky".
With a very unique title, it will make you curious and say "what does that even mean??"
Along with its jazzy feels, I find the song very relaxing and sensual.
For the past weeks that I was in my blogging hiatus, I've been busy with work. (Huhu I hate adulting).  It's a whole new working environment that I have to adjust to. 

New people, new bosses, new workplace, etc. I have countless questions in my head that run all throughout the day: 
"Am I ready for this?" "Is this what I really wanted?" "What now?" "Where am I going?" "What do I even have to do this".

Hello quarter life crisis. I always find myself looking forward for those two days of the week I call "day  off". I literally just sleep my way through it and wake up and realize it's another day that I have to go to work.

Don't get me wrong. I love being a nurse! But there are just some 'transition' issues that I have to deal with.
I have to skip some family events since I don't consistently have offs on weekends.
I have to say no to some drinking sesh with my friends because I'm always scheduled with 6am duties. (Shifting problems, ugh.)
And I can't just absent myself from duties because hello, I'm a lifesaver.
Am I ready to adult?

Whether I like it or not, I have no choice right? I have to suck it up, forget my childish rants, and take responsibility. To all those who are still going to school, you guys are damn lucky  to have everything provided. And to all those fresh grads out there, we are off the training wheels guys, no more allowance from the parentals. But who cares? It might be a big, scary world, but we have to embrace reality. We will always have those jitters, but we'll never know how strong we really are until we take that risk and do it.

Some days you can be a brat, but at the end of the day, your decisions in life will make you. Life isn't as smilky as you think it is. Nobody said it was going to be easy, but how you deal with it will make the journey a fun ride. Have fun. Savor each moment, whether it is good or bad. 

Just imagine when you reach  your 40's and you sit by the beach and look back to the days when you were just a little child entering the jungles of what I call the "real world" and how you played through it and proudly say "that was a heck of a journey but I made it".

So cheer up little fighter, you can always do it. Even when you think can't, you always can.

White chiffon top (Glamour) | Maroon shorts (Greenhills) | Nude pumps (Payless) | Rose gold watch (Parfois) | Red sling bag (Bazaar)

*Photographed by: Paola Gaytano 



kea ortega


  1. From one nurse to another, I really appreciate this post. It's definitely tough to stay on top of blogging and not feel exhausted when we have days off. Fortunately I don't work shift work with my schedule by my hubby is and we're constantly struggling with opposite schedules. You do have to be 100% present at your job and it's the responsibility you agree to choosing this profession. You're not alone girl =)

    xoxo Rina

    1. I agreeeee! Being a nurse means that you have to give more than 100% of 'you'! Most days I just really feel stressed out cause of work. And surprisingly, I find blogging a quick escape to relax and just forget the stressful environment in the hospital floors! Good thing I have this network of friends in the blogosphere. Hehe. I really appreciate this comment Rina! ❤

  2. Your outfit is simple but very chic! I'll steal this look some day. Adulting is hard but everything will all be worth it someday. We will survive this! :)

    I listened to SUD's Smilky now I'm LSS as well ugh!
    *Under your eyes in the city light*

    1. Hahahaha. Thanks Bea:) I'm not alone in this thing called "adulting". I'm glad you took the time to listen to the song *kilig*.