Board Exams Survival Kit

It's gonna be almost 2 months left before the Philippine Nursing Licensure Examinations 2016 upcoming this November.
For all those test takers who's going out of their minds right now, I've got some few tips and hope it will work out for you too. 
Well, I'm no topnotcher to actually give pieces of advice but this survival kit surely helped me to get those two letters at the end of my name.

1. Work on a schedule
Trust me, a planner is really handy at times like this. I'm not the kind of person that sticks to a strict schedule, but during those months before the board exams, I got my ass working around on some schedule.
Bullet journal. I listed down the subjects that I need to finish each day then tick it out when I'm done with it. (This worked for me!)

2. Test yourself
I'm not going to tell you to dedicate hours or even days to read those thick books. By now, you shouldn't be reading anything at all. At this point in time, you should've familiarize yourself with all the concepts about the subject matter. After all, you studied this course for four years, so something must be retained and gained. Get those test questionnaires, time yourself, rationalize why that answer is the correct answer.
What you should master now are those test taking strategies! (click on the link for more test taking strategies)
Always look at the final question. 
Board questions are always tricky. Read each item thrice. 
Questions may go "An apple is red. A lemon is yellow. Which vegetable is red?" 
Not because you saw one keyword, and you think it's the right answer, it means that's the answer you're looking for. Read the question to yourself before answering. (The answer in this question is none because there's no vegetable in the previous statements).

Know the basics and fundamentals.
The thing about basics is we usually take it for granted. We get so caught up studying the complex and complicated stuff that we tend to forget the basics. One question I would never forget during the board exams was "What is the normal daily intake of fiber?" 
I totally spaced out and went blank. A basic question yet I have no answer. 

Be alert to relevant information from earlier questions.
When you go blank on a certain question, you usually seek keywords from the next question and hope that something kicks in to answer the previous one. Sometimes it works but again, tricky! 
I have encountered a board question wherein it made me think that two questions are related to make you answer the next question incorrectly. Again, read the question thrice. 

3. Side notes or post-its on walls
My bestfriend took a snap of the mess I left in our dorm after taking the boards. Yes, I'm addicted to post its. I've got a whole wall covered with those side notes. These notes were placed just above my bed so it's the last thing I see at night and the first view I'll get a glimpse of in the morning. Haha what a nerd right?

4. Highlighters
Besides the post its, highlighters are my second best buddies. I've got tons of them hahaha and each color has an indication.
Pink= Names
Green= Values
Yellow= Keywords (I usually highlight up to a whole paragraph haha)

5. Coffee shop hopping
One of the things that I looked forward during my study time was the different coffee shops I went to. Here are some of my favorite cafes that gives that perfect study vibe

6. Reward yourself
Reward system. Bribe yourself as a motivation to study. Admit it, it's hard to get up from bed just to open those reviewers. It's hard to keep yourself offline just to answer those practice tests. Since the boards is dated during -ber months which I call the  "planner" season, I believe this is the best time to collect those stickers. Haha. I used studying as an excuse to collect stickers for my planner.

7. Comfort zone
Try to find that "zone" you're most comfortable with. Like what I mentioned I like studying at cafes because when you usually study at home, your bed will seduce you to sleep. Plus, I like to take stupid pictures and selfies when I study. This is what I call my break time from all those medical terms. 

8. Support system
I am more than blessed to have a solid support system during those times. I was juggling my work, review, dealing with a heartbreak and that nerve wrecking pressure all at the same time. I was an inch close to ditching the boards because I couldn't take the stress. But with my friends by my side, they told me I could get through all of it even though it came to a point where even I don't  believe in myself anymore. (Love you friends!💕)


Takes tons of it. During the night just before the boards, I slept at around 8pm hahaha I didn't even study or lifted one page of my reviewer. You should relax and condition both your mind and body for that 500 questions you have to answer.

10. PRAY!
Above everything else, trust Him. Prayer will always be the catalyst in your formula of work towards success.

kea ortega


  1. This post just makes me happy. Congrats, Kea! (Kahit last year pa yan! 100% UST, woohoo!) I remember posting notes on my room's walls din. :))

    Melissa the Mermaid ♥

    1. I think we have common friends hahaha UST ECE right? :D

    2. Yes! ECE! We do have mutual friends. Small world! :)

      BTW, I nominated you for a Liebster Award. You can check it out here! I hope you accept it! :)

  2. Whoa! Congratulations po for passing the board exaaam!!! Your efforts definitely paid off! :)

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