Baler: A 2-day tour

One of the treasures of the North and definitely a must-go-to this summer is Baler in Aurora. There are a lot of metrodeals and travel tour packages all over the internet and I suggest you must try it. Or if you're that  masipag you can make a DIY itinerary just like what my friends and I did.

We left the metro at around 12am in the morning. We arrived at Aurora at around 8am. It was a heck of a roadtrip. The zigzags and sharp curves are insane. But good thing I drank coffee at our stopover. So I became the annoying one keeping the driver awake.
First thing was to have breakfast and just across the street was this beautiful street art. And of course, insta blogger shot. That "best tatayo ako kunware stolen" moment. Good thing my friends got used to it and somehow became supportive of my arte probs.
 Where to stay? We spent the night and lodged at Bay's Inn. What I loved about the place was the cozy rooms and the beach side taverna. Ofcourse, don't forget the breakfast buffet awaiting for us in the morning after a day of adventures! More to it, it is accessible to different restaurants, making it easy for us to choose from a lot of variety of food. The staff were very accommodating and friendly as well.

First stop: Diguisit Rock formation. A very important reminder for all those travelers out there, always listen to your guide. They know the place more than you do so listen when they tell you where you can and can't go. The waves at that time were high, and our kuya guide told us to stay near the shore.

For the tour, we paid Php 800. The 800 pesos is good for a one day tour to the different travel points. The only means of transportation was a tricycle, so you must ready yourself with all the bruises you'll get from the rough roads.

Second stop: Ermita Hill. This is one of the historical places here in Baler.
*Side story: Ermita Hill is known as a sacred place for religious activities; wherein a life-size statue of the Miraculous Mother Mary could be found in a grotto on top of the hill. 

Third stop: Hanging bridge. I had fun being the stubborn one in the barkada who annoys everyone who's scared of heights. Hahaha. I was shaking the bridge while the scared ones cross it (insert evil laugh).
One pabebe shot for the bridge hoarder

Fourth stop: Old Giant Balete Tree. I wasn't really an active kiddo back in the days who climbs sky high trees. I attempted climbing this one but eventually I got scared and just went down hahahaha definitely a scaredy cat.

That is one beautiful tree! The works of nature are simply incomparable. You could also walk inside the tree if you're that bibbo like us.

Fifth stop: Caunayan Falls.It was a long trike drive from the Old Balete Tree to Caunayan Falls. I was suppose to sleep but the roads were too bumpy I might wake up left in the middle of the road. There was also another falls that tourists frequented at the area, Mother falls, but during the time we went there, the falls was temporarily closed and people were not allowed to swim there because the current was too strong and the water was too deep. Safety first! A detour to another falls was not that bad after all. Hehehe. Plus I'm not a good swimmer anyways so okay lang.

This was the coldest falls I've ever been too!!!! The struggle to stand still and not to look like we were shivering just to get a decent souvenir pic was hard work! Hahahaha.

But I needed to lessen the shivering for my tiis ganda shots because.....blogging is life!

After a long day of touring around, we decided to go back at our room and rest for awhile to refuel ourselves for the afternoon activities. And that means.... food trip!!!!

Sixth stop: Sabang beach. The long stretch of this beach is made perfect for those beach side chilling and surfing. For our late lunch, we ate at the famous Baler Surfer's Grill. The food was definitely satisfying after a long day tour!

But before anything else, obligatory food flatlays!
The barkada kept on yelling at me "Ano matagal pa ba?! Gutom na kami! Pwede na bang kumain? Malamig na yung pagkain!"

We spent the rest of the afternoon surfing. If you're worried because it's your first time and you think you'll make a complete fool out of yourself, don't worry! There are guides to teach you the basics of surfing. I thought I was gonna drown or get hit on the head by a surf board, but fortunately, none of those happened hahaha #NervousTitaOfManila.

Surfs up baby!

We spent the night with some seafood dinner and booze. I was too tired to even charge my phone that's why I got no pictures of our dinner huhuhu

Something to look forward in the morning before leaving (huhuhuhu) is the free breakfast buffet. But since we were such a lazy ass, we didn't have much choices because everyone else was hungry and apparently they were early birds hahaha but nonetheless, the staff were restocking the buffet from time to time.

 Classic almusal + black coffee + beach side view = THIS.IS.THE.LIFE

And here are some shots we had. Pure fun under the sun! <3

 Yeheyyyyyyy sea of bubbles!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you guys enjoyed reading through my Baler trip! There are a lot of things that you can do here in Baler. Don't limit yourselves with the listed travel points I had. We were just too tired to go to the museums and other artsy hostels and restaurants. But we will definitely go back because Baler has so much to offer! 



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  1. WOW! This is an amazing post. So inviting... Wanna go to Baler na tuloy hahaha :D

    1. Thank youuuuuu *kilig face* go ka na sa Baler! Super sulit siya kasi ang daming activities na pwedeng gawin in a day!!!! Yung tipong, masarap bumalik and you'll crave for the waves!