Everyday make-up essentials

Every girl's best buddy is their make up kit. Though you have a whole empire of lipsticks, eye palettes, eye brow pencils, brushes, etc, you will always have your favorites that you bring along wherever you go. Today, I'm sharing with you my every day make-up look along with favorite make up essentials.

To start off, let's do some basic brush anatomy. Basically, I use these babies in a daily basis. though the blush-on brush could be kinda optional if you're o.c.

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1. Eyebrow brush- I'm not used to using eye pencil so instead I use this eyebrow brush and eyebrow powder palette for my #kilaygoals
2. Noseline brush- For an added detail plus contour for those who are cut short with that matangos nose, make up is your answer. I don't go on a full blown nose line, but with a stroke of tan/gold (depends on your skin tone), it could give highlight to your nose bridge.
3. Blush-on brush- The reason I added another brush besides my face powder brush because there was a time I used the brush all over my face and a portion of my forehead was tomato red. Talk about sabaw right? Hahaha
4. Eye make up brush- For the eyes use my noseline brush and eye make-up brush. But for finer details I use this one. The noseline brush is usually for the light/ honey/ tan eye make up I apply on my creases.
5. Liquid foundation brush- I started using a liquid foundation brush when I figured out that all of my liquid make up basically sticks to my fingers after applying them to my face. With this one, your liquid make up will spread evenly on your skin
6. Face powder brush- Similarly to my liquid foundation brush, instead of smudging or wiping away your liquid make up, use a brush instead and let the finer particles of your face powder settle on your skin.
Maybeline Satin Skin foundation

Before switching to Maybeline's satin skin foundation, I was using Etude's BB cream for my foundation. And to tell you honestly, there is really a big difference! BB cream's thick consistency compared to that of Maybeline's tells the major difference between both products. I'm not saying that you should not use BB cream but maybe I just wanted a lighter feeling on my face plus when I'm extra lazy on the busy days, I usually go bare faced. Trying to lessen stuff I put on my face. Hehe

1. Super light weight! (with it's feature of being an air-whipped foundation)
2. Doesn't wear off that easily even after a whole day
3. Can easily be spread on your face. It doesn't clot in the middle of application
4. Very affordable! Sulit na for your money plus the quality it gives

1. Not recommended for those with oily skin
2.  Doesn't conceal all the freckles and pimple marks

Maybeline White Super fresh

1. It has this sunblock effect wherein it gets lighter minutes to hours after applying it on your face
2. You can use this even without the liquid foundation
3. It takes long before you look oily and haggard

1. Sometimes when you use it over too much liquid make up, you get this "espasol" look or too fair it doesn't match your skin tone anymore

Elf brow kit
I've been switching from different eyebrow pencils and powders but my favorite is the Elf brow kit. It has two sides, the gel and the powder. The gel makes the powder stick longer hours. And with the use of a contoured eyebrow brush (bought separately but there's little brush that comes along with the kit), it is easier to apply especially on days that you're in a rush but you can never forget to make your brows on fleek (kilay is life!)

tip: go for the ones that makes your brows look natural. To dark and too thick are a no no!

1. Stays longer than other eyebrow powder make up
2. You can choose from 3 different shades: light, medium, and dark - all shades looks natural! It doesn't look chaka reddish on your kilay or too dark 

1. It's a bit more difficult if your brows are bushy. So you have to be extra masipag and get your brows done & shaped every once in a while.

Ever Bilena eye pencil
I'm not a fan of liquid eyeliners so instead of using liquid eyeliners, usually black in color, I used this brown Ever Bilena eye pencil. 

1. Adds fuller look to your eyes
2. Looks natural
3. It doesn't ruin the whole look when smudged
4. Easily removed
5. Cheap! 

1. None I can't think of as of the moment hehe

 Nichido Powder Blush
1. Looks natural
2. Goes well with those who have a fair skin tone

1. If applied without a liquid foundation, it usually fades faster

Ever Bilena cheek tint
Sounds so highschool right? Hahaha I've been using this since I was in 3rd year highschool coz tints are handy!

1. Handy
2. Gives a natural blushing look
3. Goes on longer hours
4. If used with a powdered blush on, it makes the blush-on stick longer
5. Dual purpose (cheek/lip tint)

1. Hard to evenly spread on both cheeks

For an everyday look, I go for the nudes but it really varies on my mood. I have that "too lazy" type of nude, "I'm feeling dark and twisted" shade of nude, "I'm pabebe and feeling kinda girly" shade. Hahahaha. It's funny how I call my lippies this way! I combine different  lippies to pull of the look I want for the day and give it names. 

Anastacia (Bedtime Flirt)
This one lightens the tone of the lips (1st swatch)

Loreal (f9 Paprika)
And this one gives radiance (2nd swatch)

If they are used separately, Anastacia looks too light and pinkish while Loreal looks too strong and bold. But..... combination of both gives the I'm-pabebe-and-feeling-kinda-girly look! Hahaha

That's it! :) It usually takes me 5-10 minutes to apply all these babies. Very trusted for my everyday use!



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  1. I'm starting to invest on make-up products and tools na rin nga recently that's why I've been binge-watching tons of beginner tutorials on YT, so this is very timely. Haha! Hope I could master this art na rin soon. <3

    xx, The Diary Queen

  2. I've been stalking nga my fave bloggers and fishing on what products they use! I'm gonnna have a make-up haul before the school year starts. Thanks for dropping by my blog da!! Loving your new layout by the way!! πŸ˜πŸ’–πŸ’–