Exploring: Calaguas Island

One of my fave beach getaways for this 2016 was having to go and explore Calaguas Island at Camarines Norte. I admit, the travel time was nerve wracking; a 10-hour drive from Manila to Bicol, then from Vinzons Port, a 2 hour boat ride to the mainland. 
I have played all my acoustic songs in all my playlists; trust me Ed Sheeran, Up Dharma Down, and Boyce Avenue was the cure for the 10 hour road trip.

The beach was very promising. I assure that! I have never seen such fine sand almost like powder. And the water was crystal clear. It is definitely a picture perfect paradise with the long stretched beach of fine white sand with volcanic rocks at both ends, tourists frequented the island for camping, chill nights, and of course, swimming and picture taking.

Camping is the main thing here in Calaguas. No hotels, no resorts, nothing. Just you and nature. I got to say, I'm not a fan of camping. But with this endearing beach, you will fall in love with nature. The travel guides were very friendly. The locals prepared our meals and with every meal was a boodle fight with the other tourists. You get to know new friends while you go on with your trip.

*Got this personalized case from @neverbeencased. A daily reminder of the ultimate goal:)
 I love watching sunsets by the beach. I find it so calming just to see the sun falling down the beautiful ocean. And of course, a beach get away wouldn't be complete without a night beside the ocean with some booze and acoustic music.

One of the few many activities you can do while in Calaguas are island hopping and climbing few mountains. It's just 15-30 minute trek in exchange for this breath taking view. As I said in my previous blog posts, I'm not a fan of the whole trekking thing. But views like these, I think my midget lungs can werk it hard. 

We did not only climb one mountain, but two! (Good job midget lungs!) The hike was scheduled early dawn for us to see the sunrise. But we failed. Too bad. Because I woke up at around 5am. But nevertheless, I still loved the view and the breezy wind.

Forgive the look. Swear, I was wearing shorts with that over sized denim polo:))

Last stop before hitting the road, we went to Bagasbas beach at Daet, Bicol. 
Bagasbas beach is known for its great waves perfect for surfing. Too bad it wasn't in our itinerary and we were just there to have lunch. Hoping to visit again soon and learn how to surf!

Overall my Calaguas trip was an adventure for the books despite the short stay. Embracing these kinds of experiences (camping, hiking, and 10-hour-pain-in-the-ass road trips) makes travelling worth remembering. 

I hope you guys enjoy my experience exploring the beautiful island of Calaguas! 

kea ortega


  1. The beach really looks promising! I love the idea of camping, but I'm kinda curious. Were there public restrooms available?

    xx, The Diary Queen

    1. Hi da! Yup, there are! But the crazy long lines will make you insane. Especially after sunset, everyone was rushing to the restrooms to freshen up. I refuse to wait in line. There were many pails and drums of water made available outside the restrooms. So somehow you have no choice:)) But these kinds of experience will make your trip memorable though:))

  2. Wow, that photo of you on the mountain overlooking the seas is gorgeous! I will definitely add Calaguas Island in my bucket list. The ocean just looks amazing, I'd love to go there someday. ^_^


    1. Hi renee!!! Yes you should visit calaguas some time! The phone photos doesn't give justice to the island's beauty though. Thanks for the comment! Really appreciate it!!!! Ps. Loving your posts too! <3

  3. The beach looks so virgin plus the once in lifetime camping experience. Will definitely try this! :)


    1. Yes yes! Try going on weekdays or before the peak season so that you could have the beach all to yourselves!:D

  4. Lovely photos, Kea! I've always wanted to go to Calaguas but I just can't because of the long driiiive, I'm really byahilo!!

    Melissa the Mermaid ♥

    1. The 10 hr long roadtrip was really a bummer! But when you get to the island, you'll know why people travel that far to get there. Hahahaha. But sayang, because I won't even make it through a trip that long I was byahilo too