Hi guys! It's good to be finally back up blogging again. Along with my blogspot resurrection, I also redesigned the layout of the website to give it a whole new and refreshing look. I went from newbie to hipster to oh-so-pink and now, minimalist in black and white. 
(If you may ask what are those triangles up in my header, besides the fact that I love Avicii, I adopted his symbols and tried making it similar to mine. Triangles have always meant 'change' for me. I'm in constant motion with change:D)

What's new with this site and how to navigate it:

Something new about my blog version 2016 is that I won't just talk about fashion and style. But I also added tabs that are categorized in to food, travel, personal (where I will mostly talk about my everyday life, random stuff and some pieces of advice), videos, etc.

When you navigate to the food tab, it will automatically redirect you to another site (powered by Tumblr). The window will be as shown below:

You could easily go back to the homepage by simply clicking the link below the header.
Why link to a different site? Well, to be honest, it's easier to upload entries via phone using the Tumblr app. It's more convenient and fast to post up to date entries daily.

With my food blog, I usually jot what's the name of the restaurant and where it is located. I post lots of photos of the food and interiors of the store. 

I've also added links of my social media accounts. Just below it are my previous posts. Most entries I write  are usually long (hehe) so to prevent filling up my homepage with lengthy paragraphs, I put a breakdown but you can still read the entire post by just clicking "continue reading". Sharing and leaving comments on my posts are really appreciated!:)

At the footer, you would see a glimpse of some photos found in my ig account. Follow me on instagram guys! (@keaortega)

kea ortega


  1. Love the revamp Kea, and welcome back to blogging :)

    1. Thanks Danica!! I love your blog as well!! Can't stop reading your posts. Sorry fangirling:))