Lippie Mood

Lippies now a days are usually the "cherry on top" of an outfit. It completes one's ootd and an added mood expression most times. Personally, I don't go on a full blown make up whenever I go outside. And when I'm extra lazy, I do my brows and wear a lippie to make the look work.

So here are my top 5 picks...

#5 Pure Vermeil by L"oreal

A classic red lipstick is every girl's must have. This lippie is a matte lipstick that makes it stay even for hours. Good for a busy day. It is not hard to match an outfit with this shade. But for me, I usually pair it with plains and denims. It will definitely level up those casual looks. 

#4 Copper Charm by Royale

A bronze to almost dark brown frosted lipstick perfect for corporate looks. I have a hard time choosing which shade is suited during job interviews or corporate meetings. It is important that you don't wear a color too loud or too pale. And this shade is perfect! Giving a strong, fierce, yet sophisticated look.

#3 Dolly Pink by Nichido

Feeling a little extra girly? Then this dolly pink shade will fit your mood. I bought this lippie back when Nicki Minaj pink lips were the trend. I pair this shade with retro-themed outfits or with summer dresses.

#2 Kissproof #12

Dark it is! Going all dark on your lippie will require very minimal eye make up. Pair it up with those sexy LBD's and pumps. This shade is all you need for an all nighter party. With its matte effect, it will surely stay longer hours than any other lipstick.

#1 London and Cairo by NYX

This one's my favorite! It's a combination two of NYX's matte lip gloss. Cairo gives the lighter effect and London darkens it a bit to define the shape of your lips. This is my favorite for an everyday look. Gives that fresh look every time. It works with any eye make-up; simple or even a smokey one.

Ladies, natural look is always better.

Hope you enjoyed reading my first beauty post!



kea ortega


  1. I think Copper charm and Kiss proof #12 are my favorites on you! I do agree that natural shades are better because you can wear them everyday, but I still love my reds and burgundies! ♥

    Melissa the Mermaid ♥

    1. I've also read your reviews on lippies. Red and burgundies do suit you better! Sometimes going for a darker shade makes me look mean that's why I go for nudes huhu

  2. Love your picks, Kea! ♥ Wish I could pull off bold tones, too. I usually stick with nudes and mauves from Nyx and Maybelline for daily use.

    xx, The Diary Queen

    1. Thank you Da!♥ It was really hard to take risks on wearing bold tones at first. But when you get used to it, especially when you see how good it looks on pictures, you'll totally fall in love with them too! :D