Finally, I had time to squeeze in a blog post in this crazy sched! I've been busy with beating my brain cells to the fullest for this big exam and of course, working (lol at adulting). I was suppose to entitle this post "rebel" and thought of giving it another twist to make it sound catchy.  

One of my personal favorite style is anything denim and something gold and shiny. By first thought, the two wouldn't jive. Since denim is casual, and gold, shiny, and shimmering entails a diva feel for a formal event. Mixing and matching different styles is the thing that makes fashion statements unique. It's the thing I enjoy the most when thinking of what to post about.

Going back to the title per se, revel or to take intense pleasure or satisfaction is what I get out of blogging and styling. I always get questions like "why do you even blog?" "ang effort mo naman sa mga ootd mo" "ang dami mong time!"
It's not just simply posting pictures along with fancy descriptions. It's a way of self expression and how you see certain stuff from your point of view.

Jiving these two different styles surprisingly turned out well. This look gives chic, casual, and edgy feels all at the same time.

Topped with NYX's Copenhagen lippie makes the look more bad ass and perfect for those street style fanatics.

Dare to mix different styles together to get that unique fashion statement. Don't be generic and go with the bandwagon.

The top I'm wearing are actually rompers. Hahaha. I tried wearing it without the black shorts, it just looked messy and too much styles clashing against each other.

 Denim jacket (Forever 21) | Gold rompers (topshop) | Black highwaist shorts (St. Francis Square) | All-white sneakers (keds) | Lippie (Nyx Copenhagen) 

Photographed by Paola Gaytano



kea ortega

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