Grey Matter

Nobody knows where they might end up

Along with my site's 'yearly revamp', I will be taking on some major changes in my life in the succeeding months to come. *drum roll pls* Yup, back to the student life. I'm more than thrilled with the upcoming craziest chapter of my story. So expect it's gonna get too medical from here.

Before anything else, sorry with the Grey's anatomy obsession in this blog post. Hahahaha I even placed the lyrics of their OST (Cosy in the Rocket) in my intro. Sobrang corny ko.
Moreover, with my fascination of vintage plus Titas-of-Manila kind of style, I came up with this ensemble; two shades of gray and dash of red lips.
For almost half of this year, I got too caught up travelling here and there soaking up at the beach where most of my ootds were bikinis and tan lines. I missed shooting my ootds and posting for my supposedly fashion blog haha. 

For starters, I decided to go for the safe colors- blacks, white, nudes, grays, etc. I just love how simple but bold these colors can be. Sophisticated and edgy will be the perfect words to describe it.

No more over accessorizing! Since the trend of hoop and tassel earrings are in these days, I thought why not try this pair of gold chandelier earrings to spice up my look. And of course, my love for red lipstick perfected the look and gave accent so as not to appear too dull.
Just a little trivia: the most expensive piece of my outfit were my earrings! Lol. I am proud to share that I shopped this look for less than what you expect hahaha *details at the bottom!

Since I know I couldn't pull off a look wearing a maxi skirt (petite problems), I went for the pencil skirt that is just an inch or two below the knee. And I got this one for only Php 35.00 at my favorite thrift shop at Katipunan. Good find right? 
The top I'm wearing is one of the good deals I had when I was still hauling stuff from Divisoria. I got this for only Php 80.00. And the earrings cost Php 99.00. The slips ons I was wearing was my Mom's so yeyyy for free shoes!
Gray tank top (Divisoria) | Gray pencil skirt (Thrifted- Katipunan) | Gold chandelier earrings (Forever 21) | White slip ons (Mom's) 
*Photographed by: Paola Gaytano

Bring out your sophisticated and edgy look by wearing bold colors and see how fierce you can be strutting this style down the street.



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  1. I really do love that skirt! Love how you have styled it too :)

    1. Hi Audrey! Thanks for dropping by! The skirt was really a good find in one of my fave thrift shops❤❤❤

  2. Girl, I LOVE your style! Your blog is very enticing. Nice work. 😘

    1. Hi Cassie!!! Thank you so much!❤️️

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Zerin! Thank you for dropping by my site! Also checked out your posts, love you work! ❤️️

  4. My favourite are the shoes... you didn't take much pictures of them but from afar they look really great. Would love to see them close up!


    1. Hi Jamila! Okay, noted! I'll try to post detailed views of my outfit next time! Thank you for your time in viewing my blog post. You've got some great content too! Very inspiring! ❤️️