In a day of a lifesaver: highschool dreams

Before diving head first to a new chapter in my life, I will be happily sharing with you guys the bittersweet ride of my journey on my way to getting that MD at the end of my name.
It all started with one question, “how do you see yourself in the far end?
Besides working, of course, I wanted to be a modern day hero. I know it sounds cliche, but what’s life without the thrill right?

*A little back story.... (it's gonna get a little comical from here)
Back when I was about 6 years old (I think), I was fond of the nurses especially when they’re walking around with their cutie patootie nursing caps on their head and carrying around with them their clipboards. They would ask sick patients how they feel, if there’s any pain or discomfort, and render their care to achieve a smile on the patient’s face. I saw this as something heroic. I use to imitate them and whenever I play outside during the dusky afternoons, I carry around with me this little med kit which contained isopropyl alcohol and cotton balls place in film canisters, plastic scissors, masking tape, band aids, etc. So whenever one of the kids I play with scratches their knee from the rough play, I would be there healing all their bubu’s. I was a weird kid, I know.
Then fast forward to highschool, specifically junior year, we were asked by our guidance counselor on what course  to take when we enter college. I only had one course in mind, nursing. For the time being, that was all I ever wanted to be. Luckily, my very bibbo and smart seatmate (Hi Tin!) said that she was going to take up medicine. Being the foolish and naive child in me, I asked her, how long would it take to be a medical doctor? She said that she will be taking a pre med course for four years then another 4 for med proper then another 10 since she wanted to be a neurologist. 
With much awe, I told myself, I wanted to be a doctor. I wanted to be a pediatrician someday handling tiny little humans.
During 4th year hs, I didn’t have any ‘dream school'as what they call it. Obviously, I was too busy shifting from being a cheerleader and a student from time to time. It was basically my life back then. But senior year was nearing to its end; I took the upcat, which was by the way a big flop, and my next choice was UST. I only knew about UST because my sister went there. While waiting for the results of the ustet, I was really getting anxious because I didn’t have any contingency plan. My list of schools was cut short and I was about to go insane. When I got the ustet results, I was 'for interview' for my first choice and 'wait listed’ for my second. There was no sure answer whether I passed or fail! *tachycardia*
I pushed through with the interview with ust and I was late! hahahaha usual. Fast forward, I got it in and spent the most glorious 4 years of my pre med life as a growling tiger (Viva Santo Tomas!)

kea ortega

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