In a day of lifesaver: Student Nurse

1st year was all about adjustmeeeeeent. (long adjustment take note!) I wasn’t the kid who had some culture shock or anything. It’s just that people in universities are super d-i-v-e-r-s-e. And eventually I found myself being the outcast again (lol). From the cheerleader and ms congeniality to the outcast real quick. But I wasn’t sensitive on the sides and it didn’t really bothered me that time since I was busy spending half my time commuting for 2 freakin’ hrs and going here and there with my boyf.
In ust, we have this “cut off” that scares the shiz out of everyone. I wasn’t GC like the rest of the class. I wasn’t getting the highest grades too. I’m just “sax”- (relax, and getting sakto grades). To cut the story short, I passed without stressing myself too much. But surely biochemistry was the highlight of my freshmen year.
2nd year- one of the most exciting years during my pre med life. This is where I had the “first of many firsts”. First duty day, first injection, first time to hold a newborn, first time to witness a woman giving birth birth, capping ceremonies, most importantly, first time to touch lives.
3rd year- They say that this year was the most toxic year, I agree to that up to 50% hahaha this was the year we (finally) moved in to a dormitory! After 2 years of devastating everyday commute! We have to learn the element of independence. Huhu. Lucky for me, I was with my sister along with my soon to be lawyer bad ass dormie, and our bunso dormie who was also taking up nursing. It was a crazy ride for all of us but again, luckily, we didn’t have those psycho dormies. We got along well til the end of the year. Anyways, going back, highlight of my 3rd year, the OR. - queue in shonda rhimes (nobody knows…)
The moment I stepped into the OR, I knew what wanted to do till my hair turned gray. I wanted to be a surgeon. Though my ambitions were too far fetched, I wanted to work in the OR (Operating Room). I feel like a little kid who was left in a big playground and never wanted to go home. I felt like I was in my home base, my battlefield. 
When the second sem was nearing to its end, all the stressful paperwork started, thesis, unending reports, and president duties.
4th year- Now this was when real game began. I became one of the representatives of the college of nursing in an university-wide organization. So this figures why I have lots of friends from different colleges, and I got to keep them even after graduation *kiligs*. But 1st sem was a hell ride. I was balancing my student nurse duties, numerous paperwork, president duties of my org, and duties as a board of director of my univ wide org. On top of that problems at home. I ended up partying every week (hahaha sort of), being a board of director, we were invited to different general assemblies of many organizations from different colleges, and for me it was an opportunity to expand my network of connections for my organization as well. Where did the student part go? It was rest for me. Going for duty, seeing my patients and making them smile was my down time.
If the 1st sem was a hell ride, the 2nd sem made me a burnout. Dramas here and there. The good thing was, I have my cheering squad behind me, ready to catch whenever I fall (literally and figuratively) hahaha I was beating my brains out for the main event of our organization (I was the head of all the varsity teams in our college, very ironic for being wimpy kid) good thing we got through it with flying colors. Senior year was my year! Owned it ;)

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