Pearl & Gold on my Leather

Whenever I attend debut parties of my friends, I always go with the theme. But tonight, I went random. I just wanted something to be perfect with my this necklace I bought a long time ago. Originally, I planned to have a white laced midrib corset to match with my leather skater skirt. But I didn't know it was that hard to find one. Bummer. I went to greenhills, robinsons galleria, etc. But it was a fail. Haha. So, I ended up buying this black lingerie. Sshhh. Good thing though, it wasn't that obvious that I was wearing one. It looked like I was wearing a black corset. Almost like what I planned originally. This outfit is really chic and elegant. I love the leather skater skirt so much. And the gold belt just made it perfect. My accessories were just simple. Gold bangles and pearl white beaded bangles. You don't have to accessorize too much all the time. Sometimes, it's better to have two to four pieces of arm candies if you're going for a "formal" type of look.



Black corset top/ lingerie (Divisoria)

Leather Skater Skirt (Greenhills)

Black and White Pearl Necklace (Bazaar)

Gold Bangles (Divisoria) | White Pearled Bangles (Divisoria) | White Ring (Girlshoppe)

White Nude Pumps (Jannilyn)

*Photo credits
(c) Jonas Santos
(c) Janna Leyba 

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