Travel Tip: Check the label

When OCD (Obsessive Compulsive disorder) hits you, this is what happens. For someone who's always on the go, you have this imaginary list in your mind of what to pack during a road trip. It could be for an overnight trip, 1-2 nights, or a week. 

Admit it, when you're deciding to bring your own set of toiletries, there's always that 'meron naman magdadala ng shampoo, hihingi na lang ako' or 'bili na lang akong isang sachet on the way' lines. Then you end up using bath soap for your hair, and even worse, you have to share it to the whole barkada. 

Packing light versus packing complete is a struggle. But worry no more, since this ocd kicked me down to my bones, I thought of a way to pack lightly at the same time, being a girl scout and having complete stuff.

Instead of packing up big bottles of shampoo, facial wash, body lotion, why not put them in small containers so that it wouldn't eat up so much space in your bag.

I bought these bottle containers in SM department store and Beabi. 

This is the fun part! You could buy these sticker labels in Beabi. It gives you a default list of what your toiletries pouch should have.

TA-DA! Instant! Good for your personal use for a 3-day vacation. In this way, you can have less worries whether your stuff will get stolen coz most people would easily snatch your stuff away especially those with imported brands. Yikes!
I did it in different containers. Hehe. And everything could fit in one small pouch. LESS HASSLE, right?

Thanks for reading my first travel tip! Hope you guys stay tune for more reads in my blog!



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