Lazy Lacey

Lazy. The past few months have been nothing but just hanging around, waiting for the minutes to tick away. I've been prepping myself for the sleepless nights and unlimited adrenaline when school starts. But for the mean time, I'll be bumming my way through the summer season.

In my previous blog I've mentioned this cute artsy cafe in Antipolo, namely the Yellowbird Cafe and Kitchen, and they have this  'ig worthy' wall that paved this cafe's fame.

Besides my lazy lifestyle *hahaha*, I'm also fond of channeling my inner Kendall Jenner. Going for a lazy outfit but somehow wanting to flaunt some style is kinda challenging. Voilà! Say hello to your new bff, your old pair of boyfriend jeans!

The thing I love about boyfriend jeans, you could pair it up with almost anything! Plain tees, tanks, flannels, patterned tops, silky tops, strappy tops, etc. In this outfit, I matched it with a maroon loose top. And with its lacey detail, it gives an added texture to the entire look.

I could say, I'm loving this outfit. It says 'on-the-go-but-I'm gonna-be-running-around-with-style' all over it.

I used my mom's brown bucket bag. This thing is handy! I put almost all my stuff here. Planner, pencil case, make up kits, powerbank, wallet, etc. Don't a girl just have her favorite bag where she dumps all her junk in it?

And to finish off, I used  a pair of nude ballet flats. For my accessories, I used neutral colors like nudes, browns, gold and rosegold to give highlight to my top. You don't want to have elements competing against each other right? Don't overdo it or you'll end up being a human christmas tree

Maroon lace loose sleeveless top (Forever21) |   Boyfriend jeans (Greenhills)     Nude flats (Greenhills) | Brown bucket bag (Mom's) 

So how would you wear your 'lazy' style?



kea ortega

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