REVAMP v.2017

Hi guys! I have so much in store for you since it's that time of the year that I do my yearly revamps. 

I added more categories last year and decided to cluster them coz last year's tabs were too messy and all over the place. 
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With the layout that I got from ThemeXpose, it has this slider where it features all my recent posts.
For better overview of multiple posts, this grid view is so much more convenient. You could look through different posts all at the same time

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 At the bottom part of my website, there is a hashtags section where you can see posts related to it.

So what's with all the change? I wanted to share with you guys my med journey. It's the newest category I have on site so don't forget to read them hehehehe. The lifesaver series will be all about my rants (kidding) and daily shenanigans when med school starts. Currently I have 2 posts up about my pre-med life. I binged and summed up my highschool + college years.

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kea ortega


  1. Love the new look here. Easy to navigate. The feel is awesome.