Red lips

This evening's event was such a rush! I was not really planning on attending because I had sore eyes when I woke this morning. But the debutante is one of my close friends and so I had to attend. I didn't have anything to wear. It's that time of the day that I have to work with clothes that I already have hanging in my closet. For tonight, I made my look simple. I used my corset that I wore on my previous entry Pearl & Gold on my Leather. Then I turned my infinity dress in my blog post Greek into a maxi skirt to give sexy yet elegant look. I didn't have much time to curl my hair so I think it's better laid back; straight and simple. And for my make up, the red lipstick made it all work. You see, it's not that difficult to pull off a classy look. You just need to learn how mix and match clothes that you already have and make it work to bring a whole new look. And with mine, I think it worked.

Red lipstick (Clinique)

Black Corset (Divisoria)
Diamond pendant Gold Necklace (Chinese store, Divisoria)

Infinity dress turned to Maxi skirt (Apartment 8)

 Laced Pumps (Privilege)

kea ortega

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